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Delivering a good product to our users is, and always will be top priority at SatisMeter, that’s why today we’re announcing the release of a whole new set of features. After talking to our customers and careful consideration, we’ve created a brand new survey designer in SatisMeter. In addition, we’re putting the power in your hands to customize the questions you include.

We’ve always allowed users to alter the wording and personalize their NPS questions, but now we’re taking this to the next level. Users can now add extra questions to their surveys in three different formats, a 1-5 rating, free text, or single selection answers.

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And among the new features implemented with our brand-new survey designer is the possibility to add as many questions as you want, and change at ease their position whenever you want. 

survey designer

our new survey designer

New Question Types

Single selection answers

Allow you to give a series of options as answers to a question, which respondents then pick one of. This is a great way to identify product highlights and pain points, while keeping response rates high.

single choice survey

1-5 rating questions

indicate how strongly respondents agree or disagree with a given statement. This is ideal to assess certain areas of your service or product.

1-5 rating

Free text questions

are fairly self-explanatory, ask a question and get a typed response, though this question type is vital to really understand exactly what your users are thinking.

free text question

The Benefits

Power in your Hands

The number one consideration when redesigning our surveys was to put our users in control. We’ve been customizing and adding questions according to customer requests for years, but ideally, we knew they should be able to do this quickly and without assistance. Our previews mean you can quickly and easily see how any questions you add will work, and change them with a few clicks of a button.


Standard NPS surveys are very general, sometimes comments left are in-depth and descriptive, sometimes they’re nothing more than “It’s ok but it could be better”. Our new survey customization and question types mean that you can now ask exactly the questions you want to. If you need to dig into a new feature, figure out how to improve a particular aspect of customer service, or assess your on boarding efforts, you can now do so with highly specific questions.

Quality Feedback – less Effort

Another issue some of our users have encountered with standard NPS surveys is that detractors often don’t leave written feedback. There is nothing more frustrating than identifying an unhappy customer, but not knowing what is bothering them. Now users can click a button rather than typing an answer. By asking users to rate aspects of your service, or choose an answer, the chances that they will leave vital details as part of their feedback is greatly increased.

traditional survey vs single choice

NPS for every department

These new survey questions will provide insight throughout companies, offering different benefits for different departments. We’ve created an extensive list of question templates to inspire you (which you can take a look at here), but here are just a few ways our new questions might help you.

For Marketers

Which aspects of your product or service are most valued by your users? For marketing teams this question is vital, the answer to it must be accurate and up to date. If you don’t understand why you are chosen over competition, selling yourself becomes far more challenging.

Using 1-5 rating questions, marketers can now confirm which aspects of their product are those which really stand out. They can also help identify users with strong opinions who can then be approached for interviews, or even testimonies to add to marketing materials.

Our users at Instapage do just that, their Marketing Manager Stefano told me:

“The general idea is to get snap shots from throughout the customer lifecycle, but we also like to go a little further than just the standard NPS question. We use four additional questions on a 1–5 rating, asking about the cost of Instapage, the quality of our support, the power of the features, and our tutorials.This gives us four dimensions we can really clearly keep an eye on over time, and according to different user segments and personas.”

For Product

Product teams which don’t run on user feedback are navigating without a map. It’s not possible to properly plan new features and improve existing ones if you don’t understand how your users feel about them.

Customer interviews can be time consuming, hard to arrange, and they only give you the feedback of a small group of users. Product can supplement their insights using single choice questions asking to identify the worst or best of your features. If you give respondents a list of options to choose from, most will take the time to answer a simple question like “Which of these presents the largest obstacle to your use of our service?”.

product team survey

For Support

While the automation options for customer support continue to improve, nothing comes close to an actual conversation between two humans! By speaking (on the phone or via a live chat service like Intercom) directly with users, complex problems can be solved, and a lot can be understood about exactly how and why your product is in use.

Free text questions are an ideal way to start this kind of conversation. Whether it’s a simple “What can we do to improve?”, or a more involved “Which are the biggest issues you’ve experienced with our service?”. Once someone has taken the time to answer such a question, beginning a dialogue is easy. By integrating surveys with a service such as Intercom this can be done automatically, drastically increasing support team’s exposure to average users.

These are just a few examples of the many uses of customizable survey questions. Why won’t you try with yours?
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