Slack and SatisMeter

Slack is where everything is happening, and sending the results of your user surveys there makes sure they get noticed by the people who mattered. Use a dedicated channel to display survey results that meet your criteria. Keep customer success, product, and marketing, in the loop when it comes to your users and their satisfaction. Tag interesting feedback and make the most of it throughout your entire company.


What can Slack and SatisMeter do?

1. Automate user feedback

surveys across different segments of customers

2. Share all results

(or those which meet certain criteria) directly to a dedicated Slack channel

3. Inspire your teams

with new ideas, praise, and constructive criticism

4. Tag interesting feedback

to make sure you get the most from it

What our customers say

Stefano has helped us pool our NPS data into its own Slack channel, which goes to about 20 of our team members from a variety of departments — from Product to Marketing, Support, and all the way up to our CEO. Not only does this keep different departments informed about what our customers are thinking, it also helps promote internal communication about how best to address the issues customers face.

Dalmar Hussein

Head of User Research, Instapage

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