About us

At SatisMeter it’s our mission to help you make your customers happy, and keep them that way.

SatisMeter came into being in early 2015, when brothers Ondrej and Jakub discovered a real lack of services providing no-fuss, actionable customer feedback. We aim to make it easy for companies to listen to customers, and use their voices to improve products and services. We believe in building a system which is simple but powerful, and feedback guides us each step of the way.

We have a small but dedicated remote team who know that engaging with users is the best way to improve their experience, and your business.

The team


CEO, Founder

With a varied background covering everything from sales, marketing to NGO fundraising, Ondrej is our go-to guy. When he gets a break from SatisMeter he lives to indulge his eclectic musical taste, playing anything from spoons to the didgeridoo.


CTO, Founder

Jakub is our data freak. Before founding SatisMeter Jakub lead frontend engineering at analytics company GoodData. When not behind the keyboard, Jakub likes to play with his daughters, hike or ski in the mountains, and practice yoga.


Content Marketer

Dealing with all things content related, Cally’s here to get you the information you need. Originally from Scotland, she now lives in Prague and shares an office with our head of canine customer satisfaction.



From Izhevsk, Russia, Konstantin forges new features, squashes bugs and also helps out on support which he’s surprised to find he quite enjoys! When he’s not fixing SatisMeter he likes to lift heavy things at the gym, mix cocktails, and listen to BBC Radio 4.


Product Designer

Petr is our Product Designer, helping us to transform foggy visions into an intuitive customer experience.


CX Researcher

With a background in HR, Viola has always loved working with people. Now she puts that into practice by conducting customer interviews so we can make informed product decisions.



Joining us from Grenada, Spain, at just 8 years old Alberto knew he wanted to be an informatic engineer. He tries to keep up with design and customer development, while his free time goes into film-making, and chilling by the sea.


Growth Marketer

A Brno-based Frenchman, Fabian joined our marketing team with an eye for numbers. He’s always our first stop when analytics have got us in a twist, but still a down to earth guy. In his free time he puts his strategic thinking into some very complex board-games.


Daniel Hastik

Co-Founder of Nextech Ventures, Futurelytics, and Datahost, Daniel now mentors for a number of start-up organisations including Google Launchpad and StartupYard. He’s been advising us from the very start with invaluable insights into product development, partnerships, and growth.

Jakub Nešetřil

With 20 years as a developer, team leader, director and product manager, founder & CEO under his belt, we look no further than Jakub when we need product development advice.

Pavlína Louženská

Pavlína is has been lead mentor for Google Developers Launchpad in CEE region since 2017. She’s founder of #HolkyzMarketingu (that’s girls in marketing for you non-Czech speakers!) and with 15 years of experience behind her, we turn to her for creative marketing advice.



The birthplace of SatisMeter, StartupYard have been helping kick-start both Czech and foreign innovative leaders since 2011.

Nextech Ventures

Nextech Ventures partner with passionate founders with exceptional ideas in early stages of the product development, providing both funding, and high quality input and ideas.

Martin Rozhoň

Founder of the Vivantis e-commerce group, Martin is synonymous with online business in the Czech Republic. He’s invested in a number of startups and his advice never steers us wrong.

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