Segment and SatisMeter

Using Segment and SatisMeter together takes every element of collecting Net Promoter Score feedback to the next level. Segment allows you to install and regulate the SatisMeter survey widget in just a few clicks. Any traits recognised in Segment can be used to create targeting for your feedback campaign. In addition, Segment can automatically send your NPS feedback as user traits to any of the hundreds of apps you have connected there.


What can Segment and SatisMeter do?

1. Install and configure

the SatisMeter widget in minutes

2. Automatically use traits

from Segment to target your NPS surveys

3. Send customised surveys

to targeted groups automatically

4. Segment collects the feedback results

and lets you use them where you need them

What our customers say

Having surveys go through in-app for increased relevance while still keeping an email fallback is great, but the flexibility they offer within the survey setup and the native integration with Segment is what makes SatisMeter the best tool for us.

Surveys are automatically triggered thanks to data passed through Segment, and the survey responses are sent back to Segment to dispatch to all our marketing tool, making it easy to collect and use valuable NPS data.

Guillaume Cabane

Growth Advisor

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