Let Realtime User Data be your Guide

Improve your product and services with the Net Promoter System

All product teams strive to create better and more powerful tools, but knowing what’s needed can come down to guesswork. Use the Net Promoter System to inform your roadmap with rich data from real users.

Trusted by over 300 SaaS companies across 70 countries.

Know what’s needed

  • Precisely identify user pain points from written feedback with additional question options
  • Segment user groups according to the criteria which matter to you – analyse product satisfaction
  • Learn which parts of your tool which users value most to inform your product decisions going forward

Part of your road-map

  • Send feedback to the tools which help you make product decisions like EnjoyHQ and ProductBoard
  • Automate hiring for in depth user interviews, either with your happiest or least satisfied users
  • View NPS scores over time to keep track of how certain updates have affected overall satisfaction

What our customers say

We spent the first half of 2018 working to improve the technical aspects of our plugins and largely ignored the user experience. It was high time to see our solution through the eyes of our users. We’ve increased our Net Promoter Score from 27 to nearly 50 in just 6 months.

Kim Gjerstad

Co-Founder, MailPoet

We’ve had a surprising number of responses saying “I wish your app did X”, when in fact X is something we already do. In those situations it’s a matter of training. We also have some people telling us that they’re churning because of things the app genuinely can’t do. If we get enough of those we consider adding new features.

Dan Cunningham

VP of Product, Riskalyze

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