Ask your customers

Collect customer feedback directly inside your web app.

Learn how to improve

Find out how are your customers satisfied and what issues do they have. SatisMeter allows you to contact unsatisfied customers before they leave you. Use customer feedback to validate your business decisions.

Based on Net Promoter System

Net Promoter® is simple and efficient system for customer loyalty measurement. Customers are asked just two questions:

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?

Customers are placed in 3 groups depending on their response on scale 0‑10: detractors (0‑6), passives (7‑8) and promoters (9‑10).

Promoters are so satisfied with the product or service that they promote it to others. This strengthens the brand's name and the product or service gains new customers.

SatisMeter allows its users to track the results and to compare themselves to their competition.

What could we do to improve?

Answers to this question bring valuable feedback:

  • promoters provide interesting ideas on how to improve the product or service and come up with new features,
  • detractors identify issues that need to be solved to offer customers a well designed product or service,
  • it is possible to contact unsatisfied customers, identify the cause and resolve it before they leave for competition.
What People Say
“SatisMeter makes for a fantastic tool if you have a SaaS product.”
— Guillaume Cabane,
Head of Marketing, Mention
“With SatisMeter we've seen 300% increase in our response rate and because we have access to the data we've been able to turn the 15% detractors into happy customers.”
— Sujan Patel,
VP of Marketing, When I Work
“SatisMeter is the only SaaS product that really gets what NPS is about. A very good tool with a great team behind it.”
— René de Haas,
CEO, SoHosted
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Customer satisfaction measurement is efficient only when you act on the customer feedback. Share results with your colleagues and use them for continuous improvement and growth.
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