Reduce Churn and Improve Satisfaction

Proactive Customer Success using the Net Promoter System

Customer Success means going the extra mile, not just assisting users when they’re experiencing issues. The NPS approach discovers your user pain points before they become support issues, improving satisfaction and lightening your workload.

Trusted by over 300 SaaS companies across 70 countries.

Don’t wait until customers are frustrated

  • When users contact your support they’ve reached an obstacle they can’t pass, ask for their feedback before that happens
  • Send survey feedback directly to support tickets in tools you already use like Intercom and Zendesk
  • Find the blind spots in your customer education by analysing common misunderstandings in feedback

Success, not support

  • Use NPS to identify your happiest users and segments for upselling or reviews
  • Integrate with tools like Drift so your Success team know when to help and when to sell
  • Automate workflows and campaigns for when users leave a low or high NPS score

What our customers say

NPS gives me great insights about how this customer’s experience has been and what are they looking for. Once I have a good understanding of their story, I manually reach out with a personal message to see how we can improve their experience.
Elif Koral

Customer Success Manager, Livestorm

We’re using Satismeter to track NPS which is a core metric at Aircall. We follow it closely through the Satismeter-Slack integration, and it is announced weekly to the entire company by our CEO. It also drives our roadmap decisions.
Tania Kefs

VP of Customer Success, Aircall

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