Intercom and SatisMeter

Combining the powers of Intercom with SatisMeter NPS brings benefits to your Customer Success, Marketing, and Product teams. Simple NPS surveys collect user feedback in your app, or via e-mail, and this data is chanelled directly into Intercom. Now you can respond to feedback as it comes in, either using Intercom chat, or simple automated messaging.


What can Intercom and SatisMeter do?

1. Automated NPS surveys

sending results directly to Intercom


2. Written feedback

appears as conversations in Intercom chat

3. NPS scores and traits

appear in Intercom user profiles

4. Target automated messaging

according to NPS score


5. Follow-up with detractors

or ask promoters for reviews with 0 effort

How it works?

What our customers say

On the NPS side, I manually check the history behind every “neutral” and “detractor” customer each week. I go in and check on Intercom if they had an issue with Livestorm, and if so, what issue it was. This gives me great insights about how this customer’s experience has been and what are they looking for. Once I have a good understanding of their story, I manually reach out with a personal message to see how we can improve their experience.

Elif Koral

Customer Success Manager, Livestorm

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