Zapier and SatisMeter

Using Zapier and SatisMeter means your imagination is the limit to what your customer feedback can do. Zapier allows you to connect your NPS feedback results to 100s of other tools you are using, where the applications are limitless. Zapier can allow your NPS results to automate e-mails, update CRM’s, qualify users for certain campaigns, and much much more.


What can Zapier and SatisMeter do?

1. Automate tasks

in 100’s of apps based on NPS feedback

2. Filter feedback triggering tasks

to change actions for promoters, passives, and detractors

3. Team up NPS

with the tools you use every day for e-mail, CRM, documentation, and more

4. Free forever plan

which allows up to 5 app-to-app connections

5. Learn

about some of our most popular connections here

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