NPS Survey

Measure and Improve your Net Promoter Score

The best metric for a big picture view of your customer experience, NPS survey measures long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty, giving you a strong indicator of growth and product performance.

NPS survey

Trusted by over 300 SaaS companies across 70 countries.

What is a NPS Survey

  • NPS surveys measure whether customers would recommend your service.
  • The score is calculated by the simple process of subtracting the percentage of detractors (0-6) from that of promoters (9-10), while passive respondents (7-8) are merely included in calculating the overall percentage.
  • You would use it by asking it continously from every costumer you have, with first time survey being timed at a moment where the customer already had a chance to fully experience the vale of your product.

What our customers say

With SatisMeter we’ve been able to turn 15% of detractors into happy customers.

Sujan Patel

Co-founder, Mailshake

SatisMeter makes for a fantastic tool if you have a SaaS product.

Guillaume Cabane

Start-up Advisor

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