New Survey Types: CES, CSAT, Custom and How to Use Them

We’re always looking for ways to improve the satisfaction of our customers. That should be the aim of every company. And after getting a lot of feedback on the use of NPS surveys to measure onboarding and customer satisfaction, we’re delighted to announce a new feature: CSAT, PMF, NPS, CES… You can now choose the survey type that will serve best your needs to gather customer feedback.

SatisMeter has recently implemented a new customer survey designer full of amazing features, including a comprehensive template selection tool with descriptions, use cases, and visual examples of what you’re aiming at. But before launching your first survey, take a peek at this blog article to understand what the different types of surveys are and how you can use them.

Custom Surveys

Whereas before you were limited to adding custom questions only as a follow up after an NPS survey, now you can design completely custom surveys and select from NPS, CSAT, CES, 1-5 ratings, Free Text, and Single Answer types of questions and put them anywhere you want. To try it out for yourself, just log into SatisMeter or start your free trial.

Meaning you now have the chance to not only record whether your users would recommend your product (NPS), but also how easy it was to use (CES), and how satisfied they were (CSAT).

So what’s changed, and how can you use these different survey methodologies to collect better feedback and improve your customers’ experience?

CES, CSAT, and more

Customer Effort Score (CES)

Perfect for discovering how easy it is to use your product, CES surveys users on a sliding scale from Very Difficult to Very Easy (or 1-5, or 1-7).

It’s the perfect survey type to use when onboarding new users (before you create value for the user), as it allows you to collect feedback that is immediately relevant.

Of course, you can get real-time stats on your CES in your SatisMeter dashboard.


Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Perfect for your support activities, CSAT helps you monitor how effectively your product is serving your customers (after you delivered them first pieces of value).

Survey your user base on their satisfaction with your product, from Very Unsatisfied to Very Satisfied (1-5).

Then you can use that data to work out your satisfaction score, one of the most accurate indicators of customer retention.


Custom Surveys

Now you can also use SatisMeter to create your own completely custom surveys. From Single Answer, simple 1-5 ratings or Free Text feedback. Pick and choose whichever survey type fits your needs best.

single choice survey

1-5 rating

free text question

Feedback in the Customer Journey

Every SaaS company should be making use of multiple survey types to collect the best feedback from their users at every step of the journey.

While NPS surveys have been called “a leading indicator of future growth” by Slack CMO Bill Macaitis, their use generally takes place later in the customer journey (after the user has fully experienced the value of your product/service).

At the start of a customer relationship, the ease of use of your product and your users’ current satisfaction may both be more useful metrics.

We recommend using CES, CSAT, and NPS together to create the perfect level of customer feedback in your product and service. This will give you both a macro (NPS) and micro (CES/CSAT) overview of what’s going on with your product/service.

If you’d like more details on how you can use SatisMeter to collect survey data from your customers, get in touch today and book a demo.