6 Easy (and free!) Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

There’s no better time than January to think about the big picture of what we do and our goals for the year ahead. It was during just such a brainstorming session that we summarised, simply, our goal at SatisMeter. We help keep your customers happy.

We’re striving to improve the ways we do this, making it easier for you to understand user’s points of view, frustrations, and needs. However, there are a lot of simple steps towards customer happiness that don’t involve much more than the right attitude.

If you’re committed to happy and engaged customers in 2018, read on for our simple advice on how to make it happen.

1. Listen to them

customer service
This is #1 on our list because it’s so very important, and some of our other points are really an extension of this one. If you can find a way to take your fingers out of your ears your customers are bursting to tell you what they love, what they don’t, and how they’d like to see things changed.

Perhaps more than anything keep in mind that people appreciate being listened to — even if you can’t do much about what they’re saying. Make it clear to your users that their opinions are valued resources and you’ll quickly find you have not only a new source of inspiration but also cheerier customers.

To make sure you hear from all your customers, happy and less so, try out SatisMeter NPS feedback for free.

2. Solve their problems (when you can)

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Having listened, do something! Acting on customer feedback can take many forms, and range from a 5 minute support conversation to altering your product roadmap. Ideally it will be a bit of both, and some other things in between.

Having a review process in place to look at what your customers are saying, both on the daily “How do I do X?” level, to the bigger picture of features, pricing, and user experience is vital. It can mean the difference between an unacceptably high churn rate, and one which barely exists.

3. Be honest (when you can’t)

What about when a customer has an issue which (at least right now) you actually just can’t solve? Perhaps they’re desperate for a feature which there’s otherwise no demand for, or a bug is affecting their service and you really don’t know what’s happening?

According to a 2014 study by Cohn & Wolfe, the #1 quality people look for in a brand is honest communication about their products and services. That means admitting when you messed up, but also not sugar-coating it when you simply don’t offer the solutions someone is looking for. Your service can never be the right fit for every customer, save your time and theirs, and admit it.

4. Make getting help easy

knowledge base
No matter how well you build your service, users are always going to need help, and whether it be a quick reminder of where to find something, or a more complex issue. Make it quick and easy to get answers.

This can mean providing a live chat feature within your service, or an online knowledge base so they can help themselves, actually providing both is ideal. When surveyed, 91% of customers said a knowledge base would be their first preference for solving problems, provided it was suited to their needs.

5. Keep them updated

social media
Users who stick with your service are, in a very literal way, invested in your business. They actively choose to keep coming back, hopefully because they have awesome reasons to do so. One of the best ways to acknowledge this is to keep them updated on what’s happening!

Social media updates, a quick e-mail newsletter, or a news section on your site put a human face on what you do. It also gives you a great opportunity to shout about all the user-inspired product updates and fixes you’re working on. Don’t be worried about annoying users with too much information, if they aren’t interested they’ll simply unsubscribe.

6. Show some loyalty

Churn reduction
At this point it’s common knowledge that keeping an existing customer is far cheaper (and easier!) than selling to a new one, but it can be easy to forget this in the day to day of running your service.

Remembering to show your customers the same loyalty they show you is really important, and not at all complex. It really just means making sure their value is felt and demonstrated by sticking to the advice listed above. It’s not rocket science, but it is important.

Focusing on customer happiness need not be done at the expense of business growth. Considering that a minor reduction in churn can correspond to a major increase in profit, they often go hand in hand.

So, if you haven’t already, why not start 2018 with a conversation about how to make sure your users are getting the right service and support for them, and see if you can’t make them a little happier.

If you’re determined to keep your finger on the pulse of customer happiness this year, why not try out SatisMeter for free.