Unusual ways to Utilize your Customer Feedback

When it comes to collecting customer feedback many of the advantages are clear to see. You get notified of problems with your service, ideas for improvement are generated, customer satisfaction is simple to monitor and churn is easier to avoid. We know this, and chances are good that you do too. It’s why (we hope) you already have an automated customer feedback system in place. (If you don’t, never fear! You can try ours for free right here.)

SatisMeter for web and mobile

Recently however, we got to wondering, what are the great things you can do with your customer feedback which aren’t quite so obvious? If you’ve already got the basics up and running, can you squeeze out some extra value without a whole lot of effort? We spend a lot of time thinking and learning about tools to use with NPS, and we believe the answer is yes!

So, we’ve compiled this article on three great things you ought to be doing with your customer feedback but probably aren’t (yet!). They’re all quick and easy to do and are a great way to benefit even further from your customer feedback system.

Use it for Product Planning

Although we do work with companies who purposefully mine their customer feedback for ideas on product decisions, the number is surprisingly low. This is a real shame, especially seeing as much of the process can be automated!

Using Zapier you can push any verbal comments left in your customer feedback to a service like ProductBoard, which helps you prioritize roadmap decisions and understand what users really need. This way, instead of guessing at what’s most important, you have hard evidence not just of what customers have asked for, but from within which user segments and with what frequency.

Zapier and ProductBoard aside, using NPS for product design doesn’t necessarily require specialist tools. Our friends at PixelMe used verbal feedback gathered by SatisMeter to create a Trello board where their users could vote for their favourite product updates. This simple solution generated a 17 point increase in their NPS over only a few months and helped them release a bunch of awesome new features. (You can read about that and a bunch of other cool stuff they’ve been up to here!)

Channel Positive Reviews

Getting feedback from your customers does all kinds of great things for your company internally, but what about your public image? E-Commerce businesses know how vitally important good customer reviews are to what they do, but SaaS can become overly reliant on a few customer testimonials, or simple word of mouth publicity.

If you use a customer feedback system like NPS it’s incredibly simple to find out who your promoters are, and using the right integrations, target them to generate reviews on sites such as G2 Crowd. Using our integration with Advocately this couldn’t be easier, and some of our users have generated increases of over 300% in positive reviews on unbiased, public websites.

“We’ve seen a 3x increase in our reviews across the board on sites like Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2 Crowd.” — Stefano Mazzalai, Instapage

Stefano Instapage

Stefano Mazzalai, Marketing Operations Manager at Instapage

Even without using a specific tool such as Advocately, you can use Zapier to filter for promoting customers only, and using an e-mail client such as DotMailer target them with incentives of your choice to encourage them to leave a positive review. Alternatively promoters can be targeted for certain campaigns in a more specialized tool, such as Customer.io.

Get Clever with it

If you’re receiving customer feedback on a large scale, one of the most daunting tasks can be turning huge numbers of hastily written comments into hard, actionable data. You run the risk of over-focusing on particularly interesting, well written observations, or, perhaps even worse, reducing all feedback to terms so simple it might as well be a multiple choice answer.

There is a solution for this problem, although it’s a relatively new one. Using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool such as MonkeyLearn you can convert verbal feedback to a format analyzable at scale, without compromising on detail. This gives you all the benefits of numerical scores (traceability over time, by user segment, etc) with the nuance and specificity of verbal feedback.

The result is greater product insight, improved priorities, and a better advance warning system for customer dissatisfaction. While there are plenty of NLP tools out there, MonkeyLearn is a great option as they have a classifier specifically for Net Promoter Score, and it can be connected easily to your feedback using Zapier.

We hope you’ve found a little inspiration in our ideas to get even more value out of your customer feedback, perhaps you even have some of your own? If you’re doing something clever with your NPS get in touch and let us know what we’re missing out on!