Customer Feedback and Success at Zenchef

We love our customers, and we’re proud that SatisMeter is a tool for engaging them. Among our users are Zenchef, a service helping restaurants with their online presence, bookings, and customer loyalty.

They’ve been using NPS to be the best they can, I talked to Valentin Lejot about the how and why.

Can you tell us a little about what you do at Zenchef?

I’ve been the Head of Customer Success for three and a half years. My team and I have several important tasks, such as the on-boarding of customers, training sessions, and support. We manage upgrade and up-sell tasks as well.

How would you describe your approach to customer relations?

We love our customers and thanks to SatisMeter I can say that they love us too. Satisfaction rate is not our priority; our customers are! We dedicate all our time to helping them succeed with Zenchef. We are proud of the strong relationship we’ve forged between our customers and their Customer Success Management.

Ideally, what would you like your customers to think of you?

After they’re in touch with our Customer Success Team, I want them to think that they won’t get this level of service from any other company: “These guys rock!”

Why do you use NPS?

It allows us to forecast problems among our team, our product and our company. For example, if a customer has given you a 3, there is a high probability for them to churn next month or when their contract will end. It also allows us to understand the real problems because, unlike by telephone or email, customers are more open to giving us their honest opinions.

How is your campaign set up practically speaking? What’s the timing and delivery of your surveys?

Our customers receive their first survey one month after they have signed up. Then it is one survey every quarter.

What’s your take on the NPS in-app vs email delivery debate?

For us, in-app is far more effective than email as it ensures that we ask the right questions, to the right person at the right moment.

How do you handle follow up with customers who’ve completed a survey?

Thanks to SatisMeter and its integration with Intercom, our customers automatically receive an In-App response depending on the score they have given us. Customer Service Managers quickly call back detractors in order to understand what has gone wrong. The result is truly amazing! The majority are surprised to get a feedback call so quickly. It reinforces their relationship with Zenchef.

Valentin Lejot is Head of Customer Success at Zenchef, the all-in-one marketing suite for restaurants.

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