10 Creative Automations with Zapier and Customer Feedback

It’s official — today we join the 1000+ apps that are public and ready to use in Zapier! While it’s been possible to get SatisMeter and Zapier working together for some time, it’s now simpler than ever before.

To celebrate we’re releasing ten Zap Templates, readymade workflows between SatisMeter and some of the apps we think it pairs best with. Whether a template here perfectly illustrates what you want to do, or simply provides inspiration for automating a process of your own, we hope you find something useful. All of these templates can be tried for free as part of a SatisMeter trial.

Google Sheets

As Google Sheets is one of the most used apps on Zapier this template was a real no-brainer for us. It keeps all your NPS feedback recorded in one spreadsheet where anyone on the team can review, search, and export it.

Keeping things simple can mean better access for the whole team, and more time focused on taking action to improve your Net Promoter Score!


Make sure the whole team is clued in to how your customers are feeling. Using this Zap you can send all SatisMeter customer feedback directly to a Slack channel of your choosing, where colleagues can comment and as a group resolve any issues that arise.

Dalmar from Instapage

Dalmar Hussein, Head of User Research at Instapage.

Using SatisMeter and Slack keeps different departments informed about what our customers are thinking, it also helps promote internal communication about how best to address the issues customers face.” — Dalmar Hussein, Head of User Research at Instapage.


If you’re receiving customer feedback on a large scale, one of the most daunting tasks can be turning huge numbers of hastily written comments into hard, actionable data. Using MonkeyLearn’s Natural Language Processing, you can classify and tag the subjects of large volumes of verbal feedback with a few clicks.

Even better, MonkeyLearn have a classifier specifically designed to handle NPS feedback, so you can rely on accurate and relevant output.

Help Scout

Responding to NPS feedback is a great way to reduce churn. And our new Help Scout Zap will automatically create a conversation whenever you receive a new SatisMeter survey response. The score is listed as the conversation’s subject, so you can prioritise, and verbal feedback will form the conversation contents so you can easily respond.


You already know how important leveraging your promoters can be for your business, but doing so manually can take up a lot of your precious time. This automation will add any users leaving a SatisMeter NPS score of 9 or 10 to a MailChimp list of your choosing. This way you can target them with marketing e-mails without needing to worry whether or not your info is up to date.



Using Zapier to add detractors to a HubSpot workflow

NPS lets you know how happy or unhappy your customers are, but doing something about it can be a lot more complicated. Our new HubSpot Zap will automatically add your SatisMeter detractors with a score of 6 or less (though it could easily be used to work with only promoters instead) to a HubSpot workflow of your choice, so you can target them with e-mails, automate tasks, or create a help-desk.


Your detractors are at a serious risk of churning if their issues are not acknowledged and dealt with. Using this Zap you can automatically create a new Zendesk ticket for any user who leaves you a SatisMeter feedback score of 6 or under. Similarly to our Help Scout Zap, a users score will show as the ticket subject, while their verbal feedback will be its contents.


Using NPS feedback to shape your product roadmap is a great idea, but all too often NPS remains firmly in the remit of customer success. This integration will create new notes in Productboard each time you get SatisMeter NPS feedback. The notes will include the NPS score as a title, comments made, and who made them. In addition all notes are tagged as NPS.

Thibaut Davoult, Growth Engineer at Livestorm

Thibaut Davoult, Growth Engineer at Livestorm

“We automatically send comments associated with NPS ratings to , which is where we send anything associated with Product Management.” — Thibaut Davoult, Growth Engineer at Livestorm


Knowing how happy a user is with your products or services is vital for targeting them with the right emails and campaigns, but can get confusing when your information is in different places. This Zap will automatically tag your Drip subscribers with their NPS score from SatisMeter. Whether you’re checking in on unhappy customers or leveraging those who love your product, it couldn’t be easier to send them the right message.


Ideally any user database will include up to date information on how particular users are feeling about your product. This Zap can help by updating your contacts in Customer.io with their NPS score and feedback from SatisMeter. This way you can tell at a glance how they’re doing with your services, and what their needs might be.

We offer a completely free trial for SatisMeter, during which you can test Zapier automations to your hearts content!