PixelMe Top Tools Stack for success

The guys at PixelMe, Tom, Max, and Jeremie, have had an absolutely whirlwind year, and with runaway growth and a new investment of $1.3 million under their belts, 2019 is set to be just as exciting.

When they built a URL shortener, with the added ability to add retargeting pixels to links, they didn’t expect the massive response that’s materialised. Their keys to success are savvy marketing, due attention when it came to their communities and funnels, and stellar customer success. We spoke to Tom Benattar, CMO, to learn more.

What was/were your biggest achievement/s in 2018?

Reaching $10K MRR for PixelMe after just one year!

And what are the biggest challenges you see coming in 2019?

Let’s start with 10x our $ 10K MRR! I’m not planning, it’s almost impossible! 😃 More seriously, building a great product that our customers love (NPS goal +70!) and hiring the perfect team to make that happen.

What’s new and exciting you at PixelMe?

Well, as you know raising 1.3 million dollars is still very new and exciting for us. But actually our coolest move was to be able to hire our first employees.

What tools are you loving at the moment?

Figma (the collaborative interface design tool), because for the past few weeks I’ve been spending more and more time on product design.

Our stack is growing way faster than our MRR 😃 Today we’re using IntercomAmplitudeSatisMeterSegmentSlackTrelloNotion, ZapierWisepops and many more…


Tell us a little about your approach to customer success?

Rule number one is trying to answer every user in less than 3 minutes on live chat! We send a lot of on-boarding, adoption and retention emails based on the behaviour of our customers to help them master the product.

We use Intercom for the live chat, marketing automation and FAQ.

Are you collecting customer feedback, and what do you do with it?

Of course! We use the amazing SatisMeter as you know 😉 Our NPS score is usually above +53 and we’re very proud!

The NPS score is really important for us to understand “the health” of the product. We also send out automated emails from Intercom depending on the score we receive. For example, if we get an 8, we ask if they would like to join our affiliate program.

Want to collect NPS yourself? Try out SatisMeter for free.