Productboard and SatisMeter

Build better products with a faster, easier way to gather actionable feedback at every stage of the product life cycle. Feed survey results directly into Productboard Insights as notes. Prioritize and learn what to build next with Productboard.

SatisMeter by Productboard

What can Productboard and SatisMeter do?

1. Collect customer feedback

with SatisMeter inside your product or by email, link or mobile

2. Send survey responses

to Productboard Insights as notes where you can process them

3. Prioritize features

build the right features for your customers and the business

4. Build roadmaps

align everyone through live roadmaps tailored to any audience

What our customers say

With NPS survey results via SatisMeter and qualitative customer feedback from different sources instantly available in Productboard, Product and customer-facing teams have a comprehensive view of customer sentiment across the customer journey, and can more effectively pinpoint which parts of the product need improvement and how to solve them.

Ellie Mahoney

Product Manager, Process Street

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