Frequently Asked Questions

What is Productboard?

Productboard is a customer-centric product management platform that helps organizations get the right products to market, faster. Over 6,000 companies, including Microsoft, Zoom, 1-800-Contacts, and UiPath, use Productboard to understand what users need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around their roadmap. With offices in San Francisco, Prague, and Vancouver, Productboard is backed by leading investors like Dragoneer Investment Group, Tiger Global Management, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Credo Ventures. Learn more at

Why did Productboard acquire SatisMeter?

Digital experiences are the primary way that companies compete with each other, and exceptional digital experiences are what allow companies to sustain their competitive advantage, delight customers, and increase shareholder value. With market conditions rapidly changing and as consumer expectations grow, it will be imperative for product managers to listen to their customers and place them, not features, at the center of their product development process. However, getting customer feedback and insights at the speed and scale they need is very challenging. This acquisition will ensure customer feedback is incorporated into every stage of the product development, so product teams can build the right products and create exceptional digital experiences for their customers.

By centralizing customer feedback from different sources in a single place, converting that feedback into actionable insights, and using those insights to inform every product decision, Productboard has been helping product teams put their users at the center of the product development process. Now, with SatisMeter, product teams have a faster, easier way to gather actionable feedback at every stage of the product life cycle and access the user insights they need in real-time to accelerate decision-making and product delivery.

Will I still be able to access my account data at SatisMeter post-acquisition?

Yes, you will have full access to your account data at SatisMeter. This acquisition won’t change your experience with using SatisMeter.

If I'm an existing customer of SatisMeter, how do I migrate my data over to Productboard?

SatisMeter is working on integrating with Productboard, making survey responses available for use in Productboard’s Insights board. For now, there is no need to migrate data.