Intercom integration

SatisMeter collects NPS and customer feedback with a pop-up survey inside mobile and web apps based on specific usage patterns.


This integration allows you to actively gather NPS feedback with SatisMeter, and seamlessly follow up with your customers via Intercom.

How to set this up?

  1. Sign up for your SatisMeter account
  2. Install SatisMeter in your app or webpage, either via Segment or HTML snippet.
  3. Click the "Connect to Intercom" button in Settings / Integrations / Intercom in SatisMeter.
  4. When prompt "SatisMeter wants to connect to your app on Intercom" click Connect.

Done! Every verbal feedback gathered by SatisMeter will create new a conversation in Intercom.

Find out more about Intercom integration with SatisMeter here.

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