Drift and SatisMeter

Add the power of Net Promoter feedback to your conversational marketing plan. Reliable and up to date feedback is essential for judging the health of your customer relationships, which in the world of automated messages and sales can mean the difference between a renewed subscription and a churned user. Integrating SatisMeter keeps all your latest feedback right in users contact info right inside of Drift, so it’s always there when you need it.


What can Drift and SatisMeter do?

1. Automate targeted

NPS surveys to your users

2. View the results

as traits inside contact profiles in Drift

3. Know at a glance

if a user is satisfied, before a conversation starts


4. Target upselling

and support appropriately to increase sales and reduce churn

5. Integrates

with the rest of your stack

You Could Be Launching Your First SatisMeter Survey Right Now

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