About us

SatisMeter came into being in early 2015, when brothers Ondrej and Jakub discovered a real lack of services providing simple and actionable customer feedback. Originally conceived as a tool for Product Managers, over time we’ve grown to embrace issues faced by Marketers, Customer Success, and Growth Hackers. Based in Prague with a small but dedicated team, we believe in the power customer satisfaction, and want to make it work for you.

Ondrej l

Ondrej is a people person with a varied background from Marketing to NGO fundraising. When he gets a break from SatisMeter he lives to indulge his eclectic musical taste, playing anything from spoons to the didgeridoo.

Jakub  l

Jakub is data freak. Before founding SatisMeter he lead frontend engineering at analytics company GoodData. When not behind the keyboard, Jakub likes to play with his daughters, hike or ski in the mountains, and practice yoga.

Cally l

Cally cares about communication - if the information needed to get things done is out there, she’s happy. Frequent distractions from this goal include travel, experimental (read unpredictable) cooking, and her sock-eating puppy.

Daniel l

Daniel is co-founder of Futurelytics - a Retention Automation Platform for e–commerce. He's passionate and a serial entrepreneur, mentoring for various startup accelerators. Online product and SaaS business focused.